Vegan sanctuary for abused, abandoned and neglected animals, Mallorca

We need your support

Eden Sanctuary is home to 50 animals of 9 species in Mallorca, Spain. We have animals rescued from neglect, abuse and/or slaughter.

In 2021 we finally secured a permanent home for them. But we still need your support to provide a space where they will never want for warmth, love or food; a place where they can live the free and happy life they deserve.


Adopt Shanti


An intelligent, gentle giant.

Rescued from a breeding farm, Shanti is the largest and sweetest of the pig family. She enjoys eating lots of food and lying in mudbaths!

Adopt Prince


Friendly, brave and shy.

Prince has been at the sanctuary for five years. He was left abandoned and terrified of people. We don’t know what happened in his past, but while he has made a lot of progress, five years later, he is still nervous.

Nicole Eden

Our Story

From a lifelong devotion to animals to the creation of Eden Sanctuary, my journey has been one of love, determination, and unwavering dedication to putting the animals above all else. My name is Nicole Eden, and this is my story.



Courageous, confident, quirky.

Jo was found on the motorway at only a few days old. He loves to spend time with the other animals and eats lots of fresh fruit.

Adopt Coral


Cheeky and confident.

Coral is the queen of the sanctuary, orphaned as a baby, she is now funny, cheeky, confident and a big hit with visitors and volunteers alike!.

Eden Sanctuary

Original stories, based on the animals of Eden Sanctuary

We are proud to introduce the first in our series of books, written by founder, Nicole Eden.

Magic the Wobbly Cat

Magic the Wobbly Cat

"Magic the Wobbly Cat" is an originally written, heartwarming children's tale inspired by the true story of a courageous feline named Magic. Join Magic on an unforgettable adventure as he defies the limitations of the condition that makes him wobbly, cerebellar hypoplasia, and discovers the world beyond the safe boundaries of Eden Sanctuary.

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Run Free Aiko

Run Free Aiko

Step into a heartwarming world of compassion, hope, and the power of second chances with "Run Free Aiko," a captivating children's book based on the true story of our lovely ex hunting dog, Aiko.

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Adopt Shanti


Friendly, affectionate, unique.

Mouse is a cat like no other. He is playful, social and friendly, and loves welcoming all new people and animals to the rescue.

Adopt Faith


Bright-eyed, curious.

Faith was rescued as a baby after a vet had been called to euthanize her, simply because she had been abandoned by her mother.